Thursday, April 12, 2012

UPDATE: Cathedral Evacuated

The Cathedral of Learning has once again received a bomb threat, and evacuations began at 6:38PM.  An ENS alert was sent out at 6:46PM.  This marks the first threat of the Cathedral since increased security measures were put into place, so we will see these new measures play into the clearing of the building.

The threat was found written on a wall in a stairwell.  This is different from the anonymous emails sent in previous threats.

Andrew appeared on the CBS evening news and is quoted as saying, "I just want this to stop.  I love Pittsburgh, I love this community, I love this school.  And it drives me crazy that just one jerk is getting away with this.  It drives me nuts."  Thank you for all your hard work, Andrew!

I will leave any more analysis to Andrew, but will continue to update this post if necessary tonight.

Be smart, stay safe, and report anything suspicious to the police immediately.

UPDATE (by Anthony): The Cathedral has been cleared, but will not reopen until tomorrow at 6AM.  Police scanner issued the all clear around 8:00PM, official ENS sent out at 8:30PM.

UPDATE (by Anthony): I have been contacted by someone who saw and reported the threat in the Cathedral.  She reports to me that the threat read, "BOMB 4-12-12".  The authorities have since removed the threat from the stairwell.

INVESTIGATION UPDATE (by Anthony): FBI questions the Director of the Mayfirst People's Link network, a provider of anonymous Internet remailers.  In this statement, Mayfirst declares that they know nothing about the Pittsburgh threats, do not support the person or the acts of said person, but will not cooperate with any investigation for the sake of Internet freedom and privacy. (Reddit)