Friday, April 20, 2012

Threats Overnight Bring Total to 147 + Saturday Morning to 155

Overnight, more threats forced the evacuations of major dorms at Pitt, including Litchfield Towers A, B, C, Sutherland, Bruce, Lothrop, PA, Holland, and Panther Halls.  The threats came in at 2:29 AM.

Twitter user Jocelyn (@jcolex0) tweeted this picture, giving those on the outside an idea into what it is like for the evacuating students who are forced out  to the Pete in the middle of the night. (Photo credit: @jcolex0)

From the University of Pittsburgh, a web page dedicated to the bomb threats. Not great, but it's a start.

UPDATE (from Anthony): Thanks to Mark for pointing this out to me.  According to the Google Doc, yesterday's threat, number 131 to Alumni Hall at 1:51PM was found written on the mirror in a men's room bathroom.  This report comes from credible eyewitnesses, but no official media confirmation has been given.  Is this a copycat incident?

In other news, the couple who were subpoenaed last Friday testified regarding the Pitt case.  

In addition, more details are coming out now about the FBI's seizure of a MayFirst People's Link server in the on-going efforts to catch the person sending the anonymous emails that have promoted most of the evacuations. 

UPDATE (from Anthony): Saturday morning around 10:00AM Litchfield Towers, Salk Hall, the Cathedral, PA Hall, Ruskin Hall, and Scaife Hall received threats.  They are currently being evacuated and cleared.  I'll let Andrew handle the next formal blog update in case he has any more to say.  This brings the total count to 155 (counting each Tower as one).