Friday, April 6, 2012

Part 1: Spatial Analysis - 4/6/12

Key Findings:
I did not make this excellent map. There are a large number
of very intelligent readers/analysts contributing to this
blog, and I appreciate all their hard work.
  • The offender is expanding his or her target radius. 
  • The offender is expanding his or her locations targeted.
  • Even though expanding and varying locations, the offender still targets the Cathedral of Learning, the symbolic "heart" of the university.
  • The targets are pushing west, into UPMC and research building areas. 
    • However, all buildings are still primarily University of Pittsburgh buildings and not hospitals, memorials, or non-Pitt residences/businesses.
    • This evidence strongly supports that the suspect does indeed have some connection to the university, whether they are a student, employee, or have some unknown motive against the school.
I noted earlier a comment about the possibility of it being a disgruntled/frustrated Western Psych employee. I didn't mean to add insult to injury in any way, and I apologize. I want to make clear that this is JUST a hypothesis, and any UPMC anger directed at Pitt, while possible is unlikely right now given the lack of connecting evidence.

And whoever is keeping that Google Doc up to date, please let me know who you are. That is some freaking amazing work.