Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Threats 101-112 + Where to go from here

Hillman Library, Allen Hall, Craig Hall, and Alumni Hall. 11:15AM.
Holland Hall. Barco Law Building. Bellefield Hall. 1:50PM.
Sennot Hall. Mervis Hall. Amos Hall. Pennsylvania Hall. 2:06PM.
Thackeray Hall. 2:45PM.

So we're at 100+ threats. Right now, at this point, there seems to be three prevailing courses of action cropping up in the comments section. (Note, this is the action to take from here out, I won't engage with "we should have done X") I'm not going to side with any particular view, I just want to put the leading views out there so we don't have to revisit the same arguments over and over.

1.  Stop evacuating. Many see these threats as no longer credible (if they ever were). We are playing into the threatener's hands/giving them power by constantly evacuating. If we ignore them, they may stop. Many students feel this way.

2. Continue to evacuate, regardless of credibility. This is the current stance of the university. Even though there are security checks at several buildings, evacuations are still necessary in the insanely remote chance something bad does happen. Many parents feel this way.

3. Some middle ground. Since security checks are already in place, why evacuate if security searched everyone who came in the door? Or, how about just doing searches without clearing the building? I also place the "evacuating into large crowds is just as dangerous" view into this category.

In any of these cases, posting the same comments repeatedly won't change the course of action one way or the other. If you sincerely desire change of policy (or not changing policy) then do what you can to meet with administrators, faculty, student government, or any other powers that be to try to develop a better plan. I'm sure Pitt is trying to do the same thing: provide a safe, sensible, cost-effective method of dealing with this problem until the authorities catch the person. Again, the fact there is no clear motive makes this ten times more difficult.

Lots of great discussion in the comments section. I still intend to improve the forum section, but time has not been on my side lately.

Map Below, credit to km1376. Also a great map in the Google Doc with areas shaded. I like this one for the sheer numbers.

This makes blood shoot out of my eyeballs.
UPDATE (from Anthony): Check out WPTS's exclusive interview with Vice Chancellor Hill as he speaks about the bomb threats plaguing the University.  The WPTS show Ex Post Facto also has a segment discussing the security measures being taken in response at Pitt, amongst other topics.  Give them a listen if you have some free time.