Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Update: Bomb threat #13 at Thackeray Hall

Looking back to last week, there were two bomb threats last Wednesday, March 28. I was thinking there was a high likelihood of another occurring today, likely around 10:30 AM. Just as I was tweeting out my thoughts, sure enough, the ENS called and said there was a general bomb threat for Thackeray Hall.

So I nailed the time element (and note, I anticipate another today, sometime in the afternoon or evening). The location is new though, but still within the radius of previous threats. 

I know this isn't the sexiest visualization available, but I do have a day job.

I'm actually really surprised no threat was called in during Congressman Altmire's presentation at the Soldiers and Sailors museum last night. It seems the perpetrators aren't aiming for particular events or situations, but rather just hoping that the sheer volume of threats will cause as much chaos as possible. More to come I'm sure.