Thursday, April 19, 2012

Threats 113-128

Litchfield Towers (3), Sutherland, Bruce, Lothrop, Pennsylvania Halls. 8:02 AM.
Alumni Hall. 1:52 PM.
Cathedral, Posvar, Barco, Chevron, Benedum. 4:29 PM
William Pitt Union, University Club. 6:38 PM

UPDATE (from Anthony):
With the flurry of threats and the lack of a capture or information causing frustrations to build amongst parents and students alike,  many users here and on the Facebook group have expressed a desire to contact their elected officials.   Click here for a publicly editable Google Doc that contains contact information for officials.  Feel free to add any contact information for state, local, or national officials you feel would benefit the community.  Because all of this information is publicly available online anyway, I'm not concerned about it.