Monday, April 16, 2012

A break in the action...?

So there have been no bomb threats since early morning Saturday. This is the longest stretch of quiet since the threats began escalating in late March.

This is the result of one of the following:
We can have a little fun, right?
1. The suspect is caught. Maybe someone from recent news stories, but likely someone different. In any event, the "real" suspect, not a copy-cat, is in custody.
2. The suspect is still at large. They are either laying low for a period of time or [wisely] decided to stop once and for all.
Please note: the actual suspect may have stopped when other "suspects" began emerging in order to pin the blame on them. I think this is a distinct possibility that shouldn't be dismissed.

I'm not about to go down the "copycats" road...that's a different problem altogether.

Everyone needs to remain calm in the coming days. Yes, there's some "anniversary" dates in the coming days, but you could make that argument about almost any month. The fact remains: these all started in mid-March. It'd be highly unlikely that anyone would have this kind of build-up, followed by silence, followed by an actual event, especially now that everyone is on high alert and there is significant security at the university. Again, if there actually was any intention of violence, now would be the dumbest time to do it, which doesn't seem to fit with the "planned strategy" hypothesis.

I'm open to debate on this, but again, we're not here to point fingers. Nor are we here to brainstorm worst-case scenarios. We're here to share ideas, and regarding this post, whether or not the actual suspect is in custody or is still at large.

Stay on alert and stay vigilant. There is light at the end of the tunnel.