Thursday, April 5, 2012

Data Dump

First, I appreciate everyone spreading the word and getting these ideas out there. This blog went live Tuesday morning, and judging by the comments alone, it's gotten a ton of hits and great ideas/links being share (such as this Homeland Security analysis of bomb threats, a must read).So keep it up, and feel free to create your own blog and analysis and share it with everyone. I'm only one guy with a day job, and considering how frequent these threats have gotten, it's been tough to keep up. If all this does is serve as a record of events for some people, I'm fine with that.

*UPDATE* Now on Google Docs:

This will probably be out of date by noon, but I figured it would be best to create a timeline of threats to date. Keep in mind these times may be slightly off, as I'm going by when the text threat was received in my phone's inbox.

Here's how it looks from a frequency perspective:

Again, all comments welcome, I'd like to address some of them shortly, primarily the ones recommended using some different analytic tools (ACH, red-team/blue-team). 

Final thought: Great move by the University to just close the Cathedral until morning.