Thursday, April 12, 2012

Stay vigilant! Nine more threats last night...and seven more by noon...

Litchfield Towers and William Pitt Union (11:30PM)...this one seems obvious, a strike at the location of the police banner makes sense...

Forbes, Ruskin, Lothrop, Pennsylvania & Bruce Halls. ENS alert at 5:36AM.

And like, seven more before noon? I can't even keep up. I'm pretty sure he knows he's getting national media attention. So this blog is just small kindling in this growing fire.

Google Doc for displaced students:

Although I definitely want this guy gone for good, I think his continued threats are only going to build the case against him. He's slowly digging his own grave here.

EDIT (by Anthony): According to the ENS system, Hillman, Frick Fine Arts, David Lawrence, Posvar, the Union, University Club, and Panther Central have all received threats.

The Trib is also reporting that a bomb threat was received today at the Western PA School for the Blind, a non-affiliated organization just off of campus.  It is unclear if this is related or a copycat incident, but either way, it seems particularly cruel.

Frequency of threats (as of 4/12/2012 at 5PM)

UPDATE (by Anthony): 6:38PM, a bomb threat is reported and the Cathedral of Learning is evacuated.  Pitt ENS alert sent out around 6:46PM.  I'll provide more details if and when they become available.