Saturday, April 21, 2012

Quick update (4/22/12. 11:00AM)

I know it's been awhile since I've done any actual analysis. This is intentional. Bear with me.

I think this blog has gotten away from its true intent, which was to be a forum on data analysis, patterns, trends, and anything else that would be of value to the public. It's now become a place for ranting, venting, and thoughtless speculation. I encourage everyone to take a deep breath and think critically before posting a comment. This blog is reserved for examination of the data and facts (and to a degree, the law enforcement processes). Rants, raves, and frustrations can be expressed on the Facebook page.

With that said, I don't intend to be a scold, I just want to refocus the blog.

UPDATE (from Anthony): KDKA is reporting that the reward for information leading to the capture of the person behind the bomb threats has now been withdrawn.   The University has declined to comment on why.  Does this represent a break in the case, the escalating cost of the investigation, or something else?

This update comes as a second search warrant has been executed on the couple who has been at the center of recent investigations.  There is no official confirmation or proof that the two are connected.  But both represent significant developments in the case.

UPDATE (from Anthony): The PittNews, the University's campus student run newspaper is reporting that the $50k reward was dropped after an anonymous email was received saying that if the reward was dropped, the threats would stop.  Of note, the email uses the term "we", rather than the singular "I".  Does this indicate a group is behind this, or perhaps just an individual wanting to believe a group is behind this?  Also of note, the University said in the past that it would not negotiate, but has now changed its stance.

UPDATE (from Andrew): This really is an unbelievable turn of events. It's so confusing it's hard to make sense of it. Just because the reward is dropped doesn't mean the investigation ends too...does it? Does this group aim to "protect" every prankster who makes bomb threats? Or every situation where a reward is offered for someone's arrest? And why use more bomb threats as a weapon to protect a bomb threatener? As if that's going to bring clarity to the situation.

And let's not forget these people evacuated a school for blind children. And several dormitories in the middle of a freezing night. And now they're lecturing the school on justice and righteousness? It makes me sick. (Sorry. I tend to avoid rants, see above, but I may have to commit a post just to the utter hypocrisy of this).

I'm also surprised all of this information was made public. I guess it was the Pitt News's call, but still, it's weird that all of this comes to a head now. I'm going to need time to sort through all of this. I won't make a new post until I have something conclusive.