Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Threats, 98-99...Can we stop now?

Today threats were received for Chevron and the William Pitt Union, generating an ENS alert and subsequent evacuation. Of particular note is the speed with which both buildings were cleared, under 40 minutes.  This is the fastest any buildings have been cleared--roughly a minute and a half per floor.

Andrew's Thoughts:
So I know I haven't done any in-depth analysis in awhile. I haven't thrown up any cool graphs or charts either. I feel like we're just so close to finishing this stupid thing that any sort of deep analysis is a bit tiring at this point.

I think Mike from the comments sums it up best:
"It went from novelty (Chevron on Feb. 13) to mild amusement (the first few Cathedral threats) to annoyance (daily threats) to uneasiness (multiple threats targeting multiple buildings per day) to frustration (multiple threats per day) to apathy (random, declining threats)."

That's a pretty accurate summary of the campus emotional state. So yea. The perpetrator ought to just quit now. He won't of course. And he'll likely be caught and arrested. If I feel motivated I'll do a better post tomorrow.

UPDATE: Letter from Sen. Bob Casey to Attorney General and Homeland Security.

NB: The unconfirmed non-ENS alerts from Saturday night have been officially confirmed by Pitt.  We have updated our number accordingly