Monday, April 16, 2012

Threats 93-95

Well, that's how easy it is to make my posts irrelevant. 

Barco Law Building, Holland Hall, Lothrop Hall. 9:23 AM.

UPDATE (by Anthony): Dean Humphrey has released a statement regarding bomb threats and the challenges to the academic process that are now being address by the University.  Coming into finals week, those who have concerns over the bomb threats and how they may effect their finals' schedule should check out this statement.  View it here.

UPDATE (by Andrew): I'll have some analysis and thoughts later tonight.

BREAKING INVESTIGATION UPDATE (by Anthony): Mayfirst People's Link has been issued a subpoena by the FBI and has now given the FBI access to its servers.  The FBI is now actively looking for trace data that will lead them to the originator of the email address.  This is a huge step for this investigation as it means the FBI is essentially now knocking on the digital door of whomever is behind these bomb threats.  I rarely editorialize on my updates, but it seems to me we may be looking at an identification and arrest in the near future if all goes well.  Furthermore, if the threats today were routed through Mayfirst as threats in the past have been, it means the FBI may be closer than anyone thought to ending this entire drama.  Watch the report on KDKA here.